We connect successful leaders and culture change champions and influencers and join them in conversation, to deepen their knowledge and expand the quality of their network of collaborators, co-conspirators and cheerleaders.


Connecting successful leaders

Connectives do just that – they connect you with thought leaders in a safe space so that you can problem solve, with cheerleaders, co-conspirators, and collaborators to challenge and support you.

And they connect you with the knowledge and tools to help you redefine and shift your leadership and your own unique company culture.

You can join us for a monthly deep-dive into a different facet of company culture, join us for an all-day immersion, or roll your sleeves up at a working lunch.

Monthly lunchtime immersions

Explore #CULTUREBites

Annual all-day immersions

Explore #CULTUREConnectives

Working lunches

Explore our working lunches

Monthly lunchtime immersions 

Our signature 2 hour monthly #CULTUREBites lunchtime immersions are an intimate round table think-tank style session that connects you with fellow culture champions and influencers and joins you in conversation.

What's an immersion and why it's different

Find out more about the philosophy behind our #CULTUREBites.

About your #CULTUREBites experience

Find out more about what happens at a #CULTUREBites session, who has been at the #CULTUREBites Table and more.

What's on

Meet our Conversation Leader, and register to join our next #CULTUREBites immersion.

Annual all-day immersions


Our original all-day collaborative and immersive experiences connect you in conversation with industry leaders to workshop the unique facets of creating, sustaining and leading a stand-out company culture and give you hands-on experience of some of the best tools in the field.

A taste of our #CULTURE19 all-day immersion

What's an immersion and why it's different

Find out more about the philosophy behind our all-day #CULTUREConnectives.

Our next #CULTUREConnective

Get the low-down on our next #CULTUREConnective – #CULTURE21.

Our past #CULTUREConnectives

Explore who has been at leading the conversations at past #CULTUREConnectives, and the topics we uncovered.

Working lunches


Unlocking your leadership superpowers working lunches are a roll-up-your-sleeves affair, diving into the motivational traits associated with successfully leading people and sustaining a culture.

Working lunches

Find out more about our working lunches and register for our next one.

Get in touch

Want to know more about how we can help you expand your culture knowledge, shift your company culture, develop your people, set your team up for success, or grow as a leader?  Then get in touch today.

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