to the inner squircle

The Inner Squircle is where you can book yourself and your guests in to the next session, see what’s coming up, grab the resources from previous sessions (and some extra goodies from us), find your fellow Members and Guests, and more.


This is the Inner Squircle – the place where we try to square the circle

Looking forward to lunching with you soon!

This is your place where you can keep up to date with the details of what dates you need to mark in your diary, details of your next #CULTUREBites session, where you can confirm your seat at the table, connect with your fellow practicing culture mavericks, access all your resources, and more.

We will let you know when something new has been added, or you can pop back any time you like.

The Menu

What’s happening this year?

The Menu is an overview of what’s coming up, when, so you can make sure your diary is up to date and you don’t miss a thing.

 There’s also a list of previous Conversation Leaders.

The Ingredients

What’s happening this month?

The Ingredients is where you’ll find details of the next #CULTUREBites Conversation Leader, bio, topic etc.

This is where you confirm your seat at the Table, and to book your guests in too.

The Pantry

Where can I find session resources?

The Pantry is stocked with all the Conversation Leader resources and session videos.

This is where you can come to revisit previous sessions.

The Table

Who did I meet at #CULTUREBites?

The Table is where you will find your fellow #CULTUREBites Member’s details so you can connect.

There’s also a list of who joined us as casual #CULTUREBites guests each month.