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Welcome to the home of the #CULTURE Immersions – Culture Incorporated™

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Our monthly #CULTURE Bites masterclasses kick off soon, in Sydney.  

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Welcome to the home of the #CULTURE Immersions, #CULTUREBites, and our suite of #CULTURE Attunement solutions to transform your results through attuning culture, team and business.

As a thank you for being part of the Culture Incorporated tribe, we’ve curated a small selection of videos from our #CULTURE17 Sydney Summit, which you can access with our compliments below.

Watch our keynote Martin Creighan MD of AT&T, and three mini sessions from award-winning wellness consultant and speaker, Heidi Dening, CEO of Workable Wellness.


MD of AT&T


Start each morning with your team asking “What are we grateful for, and why?”.  It’s a great way to set the tone for the day.




CEO of Workable Wellness


People are at their best when they are at their best, and they are at their best when they are well

Our aim is to positively impact 100,000 people through each Summit. Sound ambitious?  


Well, maths isn’t my strongest point, but start with all the speakers, partners and attendees.  Add to them all the people whose lives they change by simply implementing one key learning from the day.  Add on their teams who will then work differently with their colleagues, in turn cascading the effect to their suppliers, and clients, customers.  They will in turn tell THEIR teams, clients and customers.  Those clients and customers will tell others, buy more, more frequently and more will join them.  And everyone will go home in a different state of mind, and interact differently with their families, children, neighbours.  Even complete strangers might benefit.

The ripple effect.  Let’s make it big. 



Make sure you join us for our monthly #CULTUREBites so you can regularly immerse and keep the momentum and accountability going



Attuning culture, teams and businesses, changing the way change happens



We champion creating great places to work - and great people to work in those cultures.  And we go beyond that - how do you create a great business that is as resilient as your team?  The Culture Incorporated™ model helps you move the three game pieces you need for sustaining your culture, by attuning your culture, team and business.  We deliver a unique - and bespoke - workplace strategy solution to transform your business, and your results, guiding you through the theory, thinking, training and transformation.  That's #CULTURE Attunement.  And that makes a great place to work.



For us this is about creating a movement, not doing a job, or just delivering a project.  We delight in connecting brilliant culture advocates (those whose strategic agenda has company culture at the top) with successful leaders like you who want to refresh their workplace strategy, enjoy their roles more, engage their teams better, develop their people, and move the needle on their business results.  Transform your thinking, fill up your toolbox with the sharpest ready-to-use tools, and create your own action plan at our #CULTURE Immersions.



Play in the deep end, don't just dip your toe. Our bite-sized intimate immersions are an opportunity to be at the table, and in conversation with leaders who put company culture front and centre in their businesses.  Think part capsule conference/part resource-rich masterclasses, these mastermind think tanks support you for sustained momentum.  You'll get to meet, mingle and munch, and continuously immerse, improve, innovate to you can overcome challenges.  And you'll connect with collaborators and mentors, co-conspirators and mentees to help you bring your workplace strategy to life.  Join us  at our monthly #CULTUREBites.



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