"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

John C Maxwell






From two different continents, with two very different backgrounds, we share a love for creating resilient people, resilient teams and resilient businesses, through attuning Culture, Systems and People in a unique way that makes company culture transformation last.

We don’t work with everybody … but if our values fit with yours, then it’s time to undertake one of the most rewarding journeys you can take as a leader.  And leave a legacy to be proud of, whilst solving the biggest issues you face in business today.





It’s time


By working with us you optimise your business, solving the problems of a sub-optimal company culture and making change last.

Our approach means you harness the opportunities change brings, creating resilient people, teams and a resilient, agile business.

You enjoy improved bottom line results, ending silos, halting onboarding bleedout from high staff turnover, unlocking productivity, creativity and innovation


70% of change initiatives fail.  An estimated $8,800 is wasted on bad hires, $7,100 on unproductive conflict, and $7,000 on failing to benefit from innovation – PER DAY – so optimising your company culture is a must.


We specialise in working in partnership with you to attune your culture, systems AND people, to create lasting culture transformation that goes beyond leadership development, diversity and employee engagement programs.

Working exclusively with CEOs and HR Directors who embrace change and an innovative approach; leaders seeking a partner to deliver lasting results, we collaborate with you to realise solid bottom line growth:

Stop silo mentality


create ‘one team’, increasing engagement and teamwork

Stop reactive decision-making


develop team initiative and proactivity

Stop revolving door recruitment


adopt culturally-aligned recruitment and retention and develop employer brand equity

Stop drowning in bureaucracy


optimise culture-lead systems to work for the people and the business

We are excited to create more partnerships, using our extensive global cross-industry experience to transform your business, delivering agile, in-person and on-demand support.


Changing Change International (CCI) is a global consultancy that specialises in partnering with successful business leaders to produce breakthroughs in performance and transformation in critical areas of their business, by creating changes and attunement in thinking and behaviour that is fundamental to success.

Passionate about creating workplaces that bring out the best in the people, and the best in each business, the forces behind Changing Change International (CCI), and creators of Culture Incorporated™, are two business executives: Julie Alexander & Diane Gray.

We specialise in growing your company’s revenues through culture, systems and people with proven results; changing the way change happens.

The Culture Incorporated™ model is focused on creating change-ready and change-resilient people, teams and businesses.

Clients enjoy a systematic, yet customised, solution to growing their business; an unrivalled whole-of-business approach, which builds on each company’s unique selling proposition to ensure they stay relevant in today’s ever-changing market conditions.

Creating change and alignment in thinking and behaviours is fundamental to success.  By unleashing disruptive leadership, systems focus, and empowering people to create shifts in their performance to deliver high impact outcomes, the work transforms company cultures – it’s more than alignment, it’s attunement.  


And that means that every system and process is attuned, team members thrive, solid bottom line results are attained, and sustainable competitive advantage is achieved. 

Attuning every part of each company’s systems so that everything is humming from the top line to the frontline, so the team can grow the bottom line.

As two business executives who have guided our own teams and our clients through culture transformation and change projects, we know how to navigate change successfully. After running successful businesses individually (The Private Coach/Julie Alexander & Co, and GrayHeart Consulting), we decided to join forces to magnify the change that we could bring to our clients, and to the world.

We are proud supporters of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout in Australia, the CEO Sleepout ZA in South Africa, Kiva.org, Exodus Foundation, Heart of Glebe and Our Big Kitchen.



Executive Director

About Julie Alexander

Culture, business performance and behavioural specialist

In her own words:  I’m a former corporate executive who has lived in the real world, and frankly didn’t enjoy all of it.  I have worked in companies that sucked the very life from me – and for those that made me feel better the moment I walked in the door, where I was happy to give my all.   Throughout my career, I have developed high performing teams and individuals, consulting and mentoring executives and making change last.

I have over 25 years’ experience working for the British Government and blue chip companies such as Avis, Cendant (owners of brands such as Century 21, Wyndham and the GDS Travelport).  I have also worked with clients such as NatWest, Lloyds TSB and RBS in the UK.  And with ANZ, CBA and Visa Consulting in Australia.   

I am passionate about transforming businesses and lives; creating ultimate business cultures and teams to thrive in those cultures.  I dreamed of creating a Summit where we talked nothing but company culture, purpose, putting people before profit … and creating a ripple effect, positively impacting 1m people’s lives.  I love it when dreams come true.

Ask me about: walking on fire.

You can download Julie’s facilitator and training bio here.


Our team is made up of experts in a broad range of specialisms, who we bring together to support you as, and when, you need it.  If you don’t need them, then you don’t get them.

What you do get, is the people you need, when you need them, and you will always have direct contact and support from our founders, Julie and Diane – you will not be passed off to a junior, never to see the original people you wanted to work with.

To make sure that we can work with you in this way, we will only work with a select number of clients, and we are just as choosy about who we work with as you are.  So, the first thing we will do is work out if our values match yours, and whether we think we can truly make a difference in your organisation, and to your people.  

Because we like to work with people who believe what we believe, and who share our values.

“Find people who share your values, and you’ll conquer the world together.”  John Ratzenberger

Our values

Our values are our “riding instructions”, or guiding principles, by which we navigate every decision, every action, every interaction.  

We know what opportunities to pursue – and what opportunities not to pursue – and how to go about it without needing lengthy debate.  

Values determine our standards, expectations, attitudes, beliefs of what is possible and our behaviours.  In essence, values should be verbs – these are not just words … these are things we do.

You can download our values here.

say it all, say it now

Open communication, transparency, robust discussions, courageous conversations; we speak the truth and do so with boldness and compassion. We advocate for your success.

we deliver. period. (and more)

We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it. It’s not about being right, it’s about doing the right thing. And we do it all with a liberal sprinkling of WOW.

our sandpit or yours, it doesn’t matter – passion and playfulness are guaranteed

We take ourselves lightly and our work seriously. We bring our personalities and individual strengths to work and give others permission to be themselves. Authentic, regardless of situation.

people mistake us for russian gymnasts

We are agile, flexible and we always nail the landing. We are consistent, focused, and courageous, can hold our own against the big boys and have a singular desire to reach the goal that is good for you, good for me and good for the greater good. That’s the gold standard.

our other favourite colour is green

With degrees from the University of Constant And Never-ending Improvement, we love to learn, to grow and in doing so discover the next best versions of ourselves. Green and growing.  Professional human beings, we challenge everyone to take the journey to their best selves with us too.

play hard or go home

We play full-out; this isn’t a dress rehearsal, so we seek to do something every day that scares us a little, squeezing juice and joy out of everything – we live life like we mean it.

an attitude of gratitude

For our clients, for our team, for our families; to see the changes made every day is a privilege. If you’re not getting it wrong every now and again, you aren’t doing anything particularly innovative – and we’re not afraid to get it wrong; mistakes are the jewels of learning and we love challenges because they help us focus on new solutions.

it’s our job to set the stage, not perform on it

We lead ourselves so that we can better lead our clients and our teams. It’s about empowering them to shine – without needing to be the ones on the stage.


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