The ‘Rona Round Up

The place to find out what changes we’re making to #CULTUREBites during the pandemic

The ‘Rona Round Up

How we’re changing things in response to the pandemic

Times are no longer a-changing, they have changed.  

And there are things you need to know about that little slice of heaven – which for some people is their monthly dose of sanity – called #CULTUREBites.  

To help, we’ve split this information into two bits – the short version and the long version.

All the details you need to know are here.

These plans will stay in place until we are able to return, in person, to the #CULTUREBites Table.  


The uber short version

  • #CULTUREBites is continuing

Need a bit more than that?  OK:

  • We are going 100% virtual for now (so bring your own lunch and macaron to the #CULTUREBites Table!)
  • Recreating as much of the in-person #CULTUREBites value and vibe as we can is top of our list, which means:
    • connecting you with more great conversation leaders
    • connecting you with as many of your fellow #CULTUREBites Members as we can
    • bringing special guests to the Table to bring even more colour and contrast, and deepening the conversations too
  • Dates, timings and valuable, inspiring conversations remain
  • For those who continue to support us and maintain their Membership, you’ll receive all the great things that #CULTUREBites gives you plus – as a heartfelt ‘thank you’ –
    • a #CULTUREBites ‘Rona credit which you can use against your renewal for the months we’re in virtual-only mode
    • a free one hour virtual development session for you and your team and discounts on our other virtual trainings
  • The investment for your guests to join the conversation is reducing so you can still pay it forward
  • Continuing your #CULTUREBites Membership is easy – you don’t need to do anything and we’ll take care of the ‘Rona credit when the time comes.  
  • We will return to in-person sessions asap

But if you need to change your Membership please contact us before you take any action, as we might be able to support you.

For the details … read on.

The long version

It comes down to our why

How we do anything, is how we do everything

We’ve thought long and hard, gathered feedback, and reflected on how best to continue to support you and the #CULTUREBites community that we’ve all worked so hard to create.

What is a constant is our desire to create great places to work – to try to stop people having one of “those days” at work. We do that by helping successful leaders (you) create great cultures in which people thrive and do their best work. And the fact many of us are now working from home doesn’t change that one bit, except perhaps from adding a new and interesting challenge into the mix.

We’ve run through various scenarios, from mothballing #CULTUREBites until we can collectively come out of hibernation, to crying the cod Latin phrase “illegitimis non carborundum” that my late father favoured, and carrying on regardless.

But curling up in a foetal position in the face of a challenge isn’t how this team rolls (although believe me – we’ve had our moments).

What’s important to us is that we don’t lose the essence of what makes #CULTUREBites special; the opportunity to connect, to grow, to support each other and learn new ways of doing things. And to do that now, during a crisis, seems more than fitting.

Because we want all of us to come out of this situation ready for the new normal (whatever that is – we don’t think the world will ever go back 100%), which stopping everything wouldn’t allow. And we want everyone to come out of this stronger, together.

So our plan is to adapt, change how we do things, and carry on. Are you with us?

What this means for our sessions

All #CULTUREBites sessions will be 100% virtual for now 

We’re using Zoom (unless we find something better). 

Zoom has been great for our client coaching sessions, and has been rolled out for small and large group coaching, team trainings (resilience, communication and mindset are in demand), and all-day facilitated workshops (“Leading in times of crisis” is the next one), so pretty sure it’ll work for #CULTUREBites! 

The link will be on the confirmation email that you receive when you register for the #CULTUREBites session (in the Inner Squircle as usual).


The timing – 12pm to 2pm – and the dates (the 3rd Wednesday of the month*) remain, and we encourage everyone to bring their own lunch.  We will dedicate the first 30 minutes to connecting – so we can continue to meet, mingle and munch together and check in on each other.


Each session will be recorded, so if you can’t join us in person, then you won’t miss out.  And if you want to send someone else from your company to take your seat, then just let us know, we are happy to welcome them to the Table.


We are reducing the #CULTUREBites Member’s guest investment from $60 plus GST to $20 plus GST. Don’t forget as we are now virtual, your guests can be from anywhere in Australia (and beyond!).

Our Conversation Leaders

We have conversation leaders lined up from Red Balloon Group, Dept of Education, Stable & Wise, Beaumont People, Salesforce, Canva, riders&elephants and more.  

Again, going virtual means we can access conversation leaders from across the country (nay, the world!) and are working hard to fill all the slots to bring you the hot topics you want to discuss now.  

Have someone who you think would be ideal or a hot topic?  Please let us know.


* except when we have an event like Easter which gets in the way, or where we need to delay a week to make sure we’ve got four weeks between sessions

What this means for you – and your membership

Well that’s up to you.  Which door will you choose? Door #1, #2 or #3?

Door #1.  Yes, I want to continue as a #CULTUREBites Member, continue to receive great value, and support all the great work you’re doing

Yay, your seat at the #CULTUREBites Table is guaranteed, and we look forward to spending those precious two hours once a month learning and growing with you.

The credit

As a thank you, you’ll get 1 full month’s credit for every 2 months that #CULTUREBites is in full virtual mode, which you can apply to your next renewal.  So that’s equivalent to a 50% membership investment reduction whilst we Zoom.

The bonus

All #CULTUREBites Members automatically qualify for a one-hour virtual team session on Resilience (our most requested session which is inspiring, energising, thought-provoking and fun), which we are gifting to you.  That means it’s 100% free – you just need to get your team together – because support and development shouldn’t stop just because we’re virtual.  

Don’t have a team? Get in touch and we’ll create something special just for you.  Or you can pay it forward.  Your choice.

The bonus bonus 

As a member, you can also access discounts on our other bite-sized, half day and full day trainings – and we are now making those discounts even deeper.  

Our (virtually delivered) suite of trainings are the perfect pep-me-up sessions, to inspire, preserve mental wellness and change mindsets, to further support your team members and business.  Or you could choose a tailored facilitated session, or coaching.  Or maybe you need help with your Culture Continuity Plan?  More details will follow soon.


Door #2.  I really want to continue, but things are really tight right now

We appreciate for some people, there are hard financial decisions to make.  Whilst we have chosen to continue to support our suppliers and honour 100% of our contracts to keep money in the system, and drive a fast return to business once we all come out of this period (however financially painful that decision is for us in the short term), we understand that might not work for everyone.

So if you need to place your current Membership on hold, then please let us know BEFORE you do anything (like logging in and cancelling).   We might be able to support you so that you can still be part of the vital conversations, and continue to be supported by an incredible peer group, both of which are more important now than ever.  

So let’s chat (you can call Julie on 0449 85 85 96).


Door #3.  Noooo … I’m out

Our 12 month #CULTUREBites Membership doesn’t allow for part-way-through-the-term cancellations – but If the stars aren’t aligning for you right now due to the dreaded ‘Rona, then we understand.  


So if you need to cancel, you can now do so – but please get in touch first because, as above, we might just be able to help you out.  (Again, that magic number to call is 0449 85 85 96.)


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