Making companies great places to work

Welcome to Culture Incorporated™ by CCI, where businesses around the world come to develop change-ready and change-resilient people, teams and businesses, through shifting their company culture, and transforming their results. We change the way change happens; you get a great place to work.


Making companies great places to work

Behind every great company are great people, who live and breath the company’s purpose, and values, every day.

Culture is created by every person, interaction and process in your organisation.  Every decision changes – positively or negatively – the desired culture, and your business outcomes. Your culture is the result of a thousand tiny actions, a thousand thoughts that become actions.  No speech or vision statement can create your culture.  It constantly evolves; there is no “set and forget”.  You must be intentional with the culture you nurture.

We help you build on your knowledge and experience to keep your culture fresh.  We help you attract, and retain, and develop great people.  And we help you define and shift your culture, and make sure the business supports your people and your culture.   And more.



Culture is not “set and forget” and there is always more to learn.  So we curate the opportunity for your continuous development by connecting you with those who are doing and achieving great things in their businesses through a focus on culture.  Bringing case studies to life, and sharing their experiences (good and not-so-good), regularly immersing and connecting you with other successful leaders – collaborators and co-conspirators – develops your culture edge.  Monthly there’s #CULTUREBites and annually there’s #CULTUREConnective.

That’s our #CULTURE Immersions. And that makes sure you and your culture stays fresh.



Your culture is your greatest asset, but it doesn’t exist without people.  So how do you lead better, and select the right people, those who will thrive in and enhance your culture, and how do you develop them and unleash their productivity, creativity and innovation?  Using scientifically-based people tools to uncover people’s motivations, together with coaching, mentoring and facilitation, we help you attract, retain and develop your people, power-up your teams and work with them to co-create your unique company culture, so you unleash productivity, creativity and innovation.

That creates #CULTURE Advocates.  And that makes your culture sustainable.



We champion creating great places to work – and great people to work in those cultures.  And we go beyond that – how do you create a great business – processes, systems, environment – that is consistent and as resilient as your team?  And how do you create a Culture Continuity Plan for when challenges come along?  We guide you using The Culture Incorporated™ model, helping you define and attune the three game pieces: your culture, team and business, making those small shifts where needed, which add up to you achieving your business goals.

That’s a #CULTURE Shift.  And that makes your company a great place to work.

Helping You Develop Your Knowledge

#CULTURE Immersions 

 Join us for our exclusive monthly and annual company culture immersions, where you get to co-create the conversation.  Play in the deep end, don’t just dip your toe.


Monthly #CULTUREBites lunchtime immersions

Annual #CULTUREConnective all-day immersions

Regular podcast #CULTURE Soundbites (under construction)

Connecting culture change champions and successful leaders and joining them  in conversation


Expanding your culture skills and knowledge


How do you find out what other companies are doing?  How to do you find out what solutions have worked and what have not worked, and the truth that sits behind the fixed grins the company displays publicly?  

What if you were able to connect regularly and in a meaningful way, rather than sporadically at industry events and networking?  What if you could ask the questions that keep you awake at night, and get answers from leaders walking a similar path to yours?  

What if you were able to share your insights and help others make work a better experience for many?

Our exclusive, curated, bite-sized lunchtime and all-day company culture immersions are  intimate mastermind think tanks.

The speaker doesn’t stand at the front, present and leave.

There is no generic hotel, or swanky conference centre.

Instead, our immersions take place in an intimate setting, where you can feel the culture of the organisation who host us.  You get to ask the questions you care about, share your insights, and have conversations with other successful leaders who are making a difference in their workplace, every day.  You get to co-create the discussion.

You’ll meet, mingle and munch, continuously immerse, improve, and innovate, and be supported to rise to the challenges – and optimise the opportunities – that will develop you as a people leader and culture champion.

Find out more about our monthly #CULTUREBites and our annual #CULTUREConnectives today.

Join leaders from these companies

#CULTUREBites & #CULTUREConnective Conversation Leaders, Members & Guests


Join us now to connect with your fellow culture advocates and develop your culture attunement muscles to start getting the results you deserve.  

Make sure your voice is heard and your questions are answered.


Want to expand your knowledge between immersions?

Try a little Blogspiration

a mixture of blogs and other inspiration, resources and more

Gender at Work

Gender at Work

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Helping You Develop You and Your Team

#CULTURE Advocates 

Your culture is your greatest asset, but it doesn’t exist without people.  So how do you lead better, select the right people, those who will thrive in and enhance your culture, and how do you develop them and unleash their productivity, creativity and innovation?




People insights, facilitation and development trainings 

Do you know what really motivates your team members at work?   How your motivations affect your leadership and your success? 

Do you know how your team, your peers and your clients like to receive information?  Or if they need time and what level of details to make a decision? Or how likely your team are to embrace change quickly?  

We all have a unique combination of attitudes and preferences, which when identified and embraced can enhance communication, influence, empathy.  These insights can also be used collectively to map your team (and company culture), identify their complimentary attitudes and the power of their differences.   And you can attract and retain the right team members with precision.

How’s your emotional culture?  Do you want to inspire your team?  

Find out more about how to develop your leadership, your people, and your team’s resilience, ability to communicate, speak with confidence, influence and adapt to change, and more.

Helping You Achieve Success


The simple recipe to attune your culture: the Culture Incorporated™ Model that makes your company a great place to work







Incorporating culture into 

everything you do

 Shifting your culture and attuning your culture, teams and business


What problems are people trying to solve when they reach out to us?  It’s often issues they perceive lie with their team – silo mentality, reactive problem solving, revolving door recruitment and managing by bureaucracy.  And with $8.8k/day wasted on bad hires, $7.1k/day on unproductive conflict and $7k/day wasted failing to benefit from innovation – the problems need to be addressed for the business to thrive.  

But what if the problem isn’t your people?  What if it’s you?  What if it’s your culture?  What if it’s a mismatch between your vision and your policies, procedures, and environment which is undermining your efforts?  



Understanding where the issue actually lies takes a little bit of detective work and knowing where to look.  In turn, the solution uses a robust framework that guides you to successfully achieve a sustainable and ecological #CULTURE Shift.  It helps you  attune your culture so that it is built to last –  a culture that has the ability to adapt, flexing and flowing as your business grows and contracts, as it weathers the storms that inevitably happen in business – and unleashes your ability to achieve your goals.

What does that framework look like?  How do we help you to achieve a #CULTURE Shift and ultimately be a great place to work?  Find out more about shifting your culture so that your team thrive, their productivity, creativity and innovation are unleashed here:

Passionate about creating great places to work

Connect with us 

You can conect with us at our monthly #CULTUREBites immersions, and at our public events when we chair, MC, facilitate and more to develop and inspire great leaders

Upcoming public events

you can connect with us when we MC, Chair, Facilitate or Speak at the following events

  • #CULTUREBites monthly immersions, third Wednesday of every month (Chair)
  • 9th Women in Banking & Financial Services Leadership Summit, 25-27 February 2020 (Chair & Facilitator)
  • Hands Across the Water – International Women’s Day panel, 10 March (Chair)
  • 13th Women in Public Sector Leadership NSW 16-18 March (Pre-Summit Facilitator & Summit speaker)
  • Inaugural Defence Industry Leadership Summit 6-8 April 2020 (Pre-Summit, Summit speaker & Chair)
  • Women in Healthcare Leadership Summit, 27-28 April (Chair & Keynote)
  • Women in Operations Leadership Summit, 18-20 May (Pre-Summit, Summit speaker)
  • Leadership Pathways:  Management and Leadership Foundations 25-26 August (Facilitator)
  • Women in Leadership Virtual Summit, 14 September (Chair & Facilitator)
  • #CULTURE2020, 6th Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Immersion, 23 September 2019 (Chair)


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