Welcome to Changing Change International (CCI) where businesses around the world come to create change-ready and change-resilient people, teams and businesses, and transform their company culture, and their results. We change the way change happens for lasting transformation; you get a great place to work.



Our monthly #CULTUREBites masterclasses kick off on 18 July 2018, in Sydney.  

Join us in a monthly immersion session to meet, mingle and munch whilst you learn.

Resilient to Anything

One of our most popular CHANGE trainings: how to not just bounce back; how to bounce forward

Part of the CHANGE Training™ series, Resilient to Anything™ explores the 9 Routes to Resilience so you can create change-resilient people, teams and businesses, and transform your company culture



Making companies great places to work

through attuning culture, teams and businesses; changing the way change happens

Culture is created by every person, interaction and process in your organisation.  Every decision changes – positively or negatively – the desired culture, and your business outcomes. Your culture is the result of a thousand tiny actions, a thousand thoughts that become actions.  No speech or vision statement can create your culture.  It constantly evolves; there is no “set and forget”.  You must be intentional with the culture you nurture.


We champion creating great places to work - and great people to work in those cultures.  And we go beyond that - how do you create a great business that is as resilient as your team?  The Culture Incorporated™ model helps you move the three game pieces you need for sustaining your culture, by attuning your culture, team and business.  We deliver a unique - and bespoke - workplace strategy solution to transform your business, and your results, guiding you through the theory, thinking, training and transformation.  That's #CULTURE Attunement.  And that makes a great place to work.



For us this is about creating a movement, not doing a job, or just delivering a project.  We delight in connecting brilliant culture advocates (those whose strategic agenda has company culture at the top) with successful leaders like you who want to refresh their workplace strategy, enjoy their roles more, engage their teams better, develop their people, and move the needle on their business results.  Transform your thinking, fill up your toolbox with the sharpest ready-to-use tools, and create your own action plan at our #CULTURE Immersions.


Play in the deep end, don't just dip your toe. Our bite-sized intimate immersions are an opportunity to be at the table, and in conversation with leaders who put company culture front and centre in their businesses.  Think part capsule conference/part resource-rich masterclasses, these mastermind think tanks support you for sustained momentum.  You'll get to meet, mingle and munch, and continuously immerse, improve, innovate to you can overcome challenges.  And you'll connect with collaborators and mentors, co-conspirators and mentees to help you bring your workplace strategy to life.  Join us  at our monthly #CULTUREBites.




If you want to enjoy your work more, and create a team that takes ownership, make sure you reserve your seat at the #CULTUREBites table.

Our exclusive, curated, bite-sized lunchtime company culture and workplace strategy immersion masterclasses are part capsule conference, and part mastermind think tank.

Each month you will be at the table lunching with a different leader, digesting a different topic, at a Sydney CBD location selected to enrich your experience.

Over two hours you’ll get to meet, mingle and munch, continuously immerse, improve, and innovate, and be supported to rise to the challenges – and optimise the opportunities – that will develop you as a disruptive leader.

Join us now to connect with your fellow culture advocates and develop your culture attunement muscles to start getting the results you deserve.  Make sure your voice is heard.







Where can you hear us speak?


You can meet and mingle with our CEO and Founder, Julie Alexander, at these events:


#CULTURE17 Sydney, 3rd Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit, 3 March 2017 (Chair)

E-LEAD 21st Century Leadership Summit, Sydney, 8 July 2017 (Panel)

E-LEAD 21st Century Global Leadership Immersion Program, Sydney, 14 August 2017 (Facilitator)

Vision Leadership & Career Development Program, Sydney, 25 September 2017 (Facilitator)

#CULTURE17 NENW, Tamworth, 8 November 2017 (Facilitator)

4th Annual Women in Leadership Summit, Sydney, 7 & 8 December 2017 (Chair)

Purposeful CEO Summit, Sydney, 27 February 2018 (Facilitator)

Vision Leadership & Career Development Program, Sydney, 25 September 2017 (Facilitator)

Women in Sales Leadership, Sydney, 16-18 April 2018 (Pre-Summit Facilitator and Summit Chair)

#CULTURE18, 4th Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit, Sydney, 15 May 2018 (Chair)

Women in Customer and Client Services Leadership Summit, Sydney, 20-21 June (Chair)

The Breakthrough Summit, Sydney, 26 July 2018 (MC)

#CULTUREBites monthly immersions, third Wednesday of every month commencing 18 July (Chair)

#CULTURE19, 5th Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Immersion, Sydney, May 2019 (Chair)

Want to book our CEO Julie to add incredible value at your event?  We’d love to hear from you.


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