When you want to learn a foreign language, the secret is to immerse, surrounding yourself with those who are already fluent and others who are on the same journey as you. People who understand where you are coming from, understand your struggles and can keep you taking action.

As Simon Sinek says, it’s not about intensity – how long you do something in one hit – but consistency – how regularly you do something. You don’t get strong after going to the gym once for 9 hours; you get strong after going for 20 minutes each day, month after month.

It’s just like that with #CULTUREBites. An initial commitment to intensity is good – that’s our all-day #CULTUREConnectives immersion – but what really moves the needle is ongoing regular immersion and access to all the support you need. That is why #CULTUREBites exists.



#CULTUREBites is about connecting successful leaders, culture change champions and influencers and joining them in conversation.

You ask the questions you want answered, and have genuine conversations with leaders who are making a difference in their workplaces every day. You get to co-create the discussion and problem-solve in a safe space.



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Watch this space for our refreshed 2024 #CULTUREBites schedule and for the reservation notifications on our socials so you can secure your seat at the Table for our first #CULTUREBites of the year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

What’s in it for you?

Some of the things you’ll get from joining us for #CULTUREBites each month


Connect with successful leaders, collaborators and co-conspirators, mentors and mentees and have real conversations


Align with leaders, collaborators and co-conspirators who will support and celebrate your success, and help hold you accountable


Shortcut the learning curve on how to build a sustainable culture by asking the questions you need answered and enjoy your work more


Build your network with like-minded professionals across diverse businesses, those with aligned values, who put people before profit


Expand your thinking, your insights and develop your culture change muscles, and how to grow the next generation of leaders


Take time out of the whirlwind once a month for a mini off-site for you to refresh, realign and refocus – and get time to think … and breathe


Who’s been at the table?

We keep the number of people at the #CULTUREBites Table small, so that you can ask the questions you want answered.  We also make sure that those around the Table create as much magic as the Conversation Leader.  So who are your peer group?

Here is a taste of the organisations represented at the #CULTUREBites Table who have co-created the conversations.

Like a sneak peek of what happens?

Our highlight videos capture the essence of what you can expect from an Immersion – the full session videos are for Members only, allowing them to revisit, catch up and share key learnings with their teams.

When’s it happening?

We generally meet on the Wednesday of the penultimate week of the month – which is usually the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

As a Member, you receive preferential access to all the Immersions, the opportunity to bring guests for half the usual investment, all the Conversation Leader materials … and more


23 February - SOLD OUT

23 March - SOLD OUT

20 April - SOLD OUT

18 May - SOLD OUT

22 June - SOLD OUT


20 July - on a break

24 August - SOLD OUT

21 September - SOLD OUT

19 October - SOLD OUT

23 November - SOLD OUT


22 February - SOLD OUT

22 March - SOLD OUT

19 April - ON A BREAK

24 May - SOLD OUT

21 June - SOLD OUT


19 July - SOLD OUT

23 August - SOLD OUT

20 September - SOLD OUT

25 October - SOLD OUT

21 November* - SOLD OUT

*this session is on a Tuesday and will be in-person and online 

We look forward to seeing you in 2024!


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