“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” Plato

How to tell when you’re communicating your company culture



Acknowledgement  Author: Diane Gray of Change Play Pty Ltd (


FACT: No matter what the message, or the channel used to communicate the message, it will reflect the culture of all or part of your workplace.  

Be aware:  you are communicating your company culture ALL THE TIME.

And this can be good, or bad, but is often ugly – particularly when under pressure, or personal agendas clash.


So what does this mean?

If there is a difference in perceptions of the workplace culture, then it will show up in how people communicate.

  • If people don’t care, then a disconnect will show up in what is – and isn’t – communicated.
  • If trust is low, then people will second guess what the communication is ‘really’ about.
  • If bosses have their own agenda, then people will seek to control more than they need to, often micro-managing communications.


“The company culture is reflected in the communication.”

Diane Gray


When people care, then communications support the learning and development of individuals, teams and the company.

  • When trust is high, then the intention behind the communication is transparent.
  • When the agenda is for the greater good of the company, its people, clients and customers, then communication is flowing and people use their initiative without fear of reprisals.


What do you want your communication to say about your company culture?  Remember, you are communicating all the time.

Written by Diane Gray of Change Play Pty Ltd (

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