Can you have a purpose without a Purposeful CEO?

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” – Betty Bender

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Employee engagement has been a consistent challenge faced by most organisations since 2000, which is when Gallup began tracking it and it’s not going away. In today’s disruptive business world and the increase in the pace of change, organisations cannot lead change unless they have an highly engaged workforce.  

The lack of employee engagement in most organisations is good indicator that employees are seeking purposeful leadership to help create more meaning in the workplace.

A Korn Ferry study found that companies that focused their employees on the organization’s purpose, posted compounded annual growth rates of 9.85% compared to a 2.4% for the whole S&P 500 Consumer Sector.

Creating a truly purposeful organisation requires determination and courage by leaders – and time. It takes a special kind of leader to put the interest of employees before other stakeholders. And to create sustainable businesses, leaders need to reconsider how they are engaging their employees to lead change successfully.

“Leaders who are purely focused on the market value miss the chance to drive even greater business value by utilizing purpose to bring meaning to employees’ work, a key driver of employee engagement. Identifying this gap presents an opportunity – and responsibility – for leaders to approach purpose more holistically, to optimize value for employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders”   Putting Purpose to Work Report 2016, PWC


So join us as we support the Purposeful CEO Summit on 27 February 2018 in Sydney so you can:

  • Improve employee engagement in your organisation by helping employees find meaning in the workplace
  • Learn how to engage millennials with purpose
  • Learn how you can  effectively communicate purpose internally to engage employees
  • Engage managers to embed purpose


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