“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

Three principles successful people know and use every day


At the beginning of each year it’s not uncommon to want to press the reset button, make a fresh start, create resolutions, set goals and take action, be it on work, career, education, health, money or relationships.

Often these resolutions and goals are made with high levels of motivation and determination; they are said with such conviction, how could anyone doubt that they would be realised?

So why is it that many of the resolutions and goals have gone out the window at the end of January (if they even made it that far), and most of the others have disappeared within three months?

The motivation has gone.

The determination is lost.

Reasons – more aptly described as excuses – have taken over all that conviction.

But that’s not how it is for everyone.  For some they hit that reset button, stick to their goals, and take action.  Let’s call them … successful people.  Whether it is in business, career, sport or life, these people have three principles in common, and they know how important it is to not compromise on any of them.

Now is a great time to look at them – at the start of 2017 – before the motivation and determination wanes.


Principle 1: Challenges are not meant to be easy

Successful people know that to reach their goals they need to be persistent and consistent. They know there will be highs and lows. They know there will be setbacks and mistakes made, time when they will have to press the reset button again, let some things go, and dig deeper to move forward. They know they need to be hardworking, patient, and resilient against the naysayers and those who seem to want to sabotage their success.


Principle 2: Success needs a strong WHY

Having a strong ‘why’, or purpose, backing your resolutions is crucial to staying motivated, determined, persistent and consistent in taking the action needed to achieve the desired success. Successful people are very clear and certain about why their goals are important. They keep their purpose at the forefront of their mind so that they don’t lose sight of the direction they are going in. Their belief in their ability to achieve the goals is strong and relentless (or if their belief waivers, they get back on track quickly). They hold on to their purpose tightly and possessively through the tough times like it is their lifeline in a rough sea.


“The more you learn, the more you discover there is more to learn.”

Diane Gray


Principle 3: Support is essential

Successful people know that it is much harder to achieve success alone. They also know it is not necessary to go it alone. They know problems tend to grow if they do start thinking that they need to do everything; bottom line, they value and understand the importance of having the right support network. This support network fulfils six critical roles:


  1. The Networker

The NETWORKER is the very social one, who knows ‘who is who in the zoo’, and what they are experts in.  So, as soon as a need arises, they dive in and make connections happen. They thrive on helping you find the right person, and if they don’t know themselves, they will know someone who will.


  1. The Inspirer

The INSPIRER brings creativity and inspiration to you and your ideas. They help keep the flow of ideas coming, and create and allow space for you to be your most outrageous. They will inspire you to always remember your purpose. They want you to reach for the stars and will tolerate nothing less.


  1. The Questioner

The QUESTIONER has a favourite question: “Where are you at?”  They make sure your ideas turn into action, and the work or your projects are completed. They will ask specific questions about your goals and your purpose. They will make sure you have a plan of action to achieve them.  And more often than not, they will ask the very question you’ve been avoiding (yes, that one!).   


  1. The Devil’s Advocate

The DEVIL’S ADVOCATE plays an important role by ensuring you are aware of your biases and assumptions. The help you stay open-minded, grounded in continuous learning, exposing you to other perspectives, ideas and opinions. They will also share perspectives you really don’t want to hear, but need to.


  1. The Advocator

The ADVOCATOR will champion for you. Believe in you and what you are about. They ‘get’ you. They will be the ‘kick-up-the-backside’ motivator when you need it, and will hold the box of tissues for you in the tough times. They will tell you when you are out of order. Keep you grounded. And they will be there when others are no longer around.


  1. The Philosopher

The PHILOSPHER helps to broaden your awareness and knowledge of the impact that you, and what you believe, and what you do (as well as what others believe and do), have on the world. They can bring a unique worldly perspective and lots of wisdom. They will challenge you to think beyond what is obvious, and push you to discover what you don’t know yet.


When you have a team that comprises these six roles, start to notice how your goals are achieved much sooner, and how patterns of years gone by are no longer holding you back.

2017 is your year, so make it even more so with a strong team of supporters.

Remember, success does not just come from reaching a goal alone, it comes from the experience of achieving it with others.

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