“The best businesses are really ones that can combine passion, profits, and purpose.” Tony Hsieh

You can’t buy company culture … 


Do you ever rave about how amazing your boss is?

I know in my corporate career, it was relatively rare. So when I spoke at the Women in Leadership Summit last year, I was blown away how the team from AT&T were praising their MD – one Martin Creighan.

They insisted that I meet him. And with 30 minutes in his diary, I wasn’t sure I’d discover much. What was his secret ingredient? How did he not just engage his team, but have them willingly – and proactively – going the extra mile? How did he inspire and motivate them through the inevitable ups and downs in business?

“To me, culture is the ability to create an environment where your team wakes up every morning and can’t wait to get to work” – Martin Creighan

As it turns out, Martin gave me over 2 hours of his time, and shared with me the inside track on how, through his approach to building company culture, the company has seen:

  • better collaboration between business units
  • a willingness for the team to take risks
  • team members actively innovating and challenging the norm
  • financial growth
  • increases in Net Promoter Scores

And that isn’t just this year. Or this month. That’s been happening consistently over the past decade.

And if you want to know what the secret ingredients are that makes the team work at AT&T (who says big corporate can’t have a great culture?), then join us at Culture17, the Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit being held in Sydney CBD on 1 March.

Martin is our keynote. And he’s going to share what he knows works, so you can do it too.




To join Martin, and our other nine speakers, Culture17, the Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit early bird tickets are on sale until 10 February 2017.

Our speakers are some of the best movers and shakers in Australia, and will be sharing their insights on:

Big corporate, big culture | The future of culture: young leadership | Disruptive leadership: no BS and Bow Ties | Growing pains – growing your culture & your business | Give and you will receive: culture & charitable giving | The change imperative: sustaining culture through imposed change | Merging companies, merging cultures | The culture effect: creating raving fan customers | Building a culture of workable wellness | How to be a great place to work | Culture and the agile start up

It’s a 100% no selling event (meaning no consultants or coaches, only leaders who are actually ‘in the trenches’ doing this every day). And best of all, the whole day has been designed to be an experience, so be prepared to be immersed, not just inspired.

See you there.


JOIN US:  Want to learn how other successful business leaders have transformed their cultures?  Join us for Culture17, the Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit in Sydney on 1 March 2017.  More details and book here.

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