The Tale of 3 Macarons

“Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.” – Orson Scott Card


Those who know me, know I’m all about company culture; I want to stop people having one of “those days” if I can help it. So what the hell have three macaroons got to do with company culture?  

Passionate about creating work environments where people love to bring their best selves to work, and improving bottom line results as we go (created by the productivity, creativity and innovation that come from getting your company culture right), I had an idea years ago about running a Summit.

My vision was to pull together the people who I’ve personally connected with, found inspiring, and get them to share their real life stories and strategies about company culture so we all benefit. Something tangible, from those actually doing it, in big and in smaller companies. Not a ‘pitch-fest’, or nice-to-know textbook theories shared by consultants, but a day when people connect, are inspired, learn specifics, and then get busy changing lives, businesses … and their results. 


A Summit is born

So what’s the point of having an idea, and not doing something about it?

Buoyed up by the knowledge that Tony Robbins started his programs with just an audience of 50 friends in his lounge room (and look where that’s gone so far!), and the fact we all have to start somewhere, the Company Culture & Disruptive Leadership Summit was finally born in 2016 with the help of fellow company culture consultant, Diane Gray.


This is where the macarons come in.

A macaron is another nod to being disruptive (no boring corporate pics for us!). 

We love macarons for a start – getting a tray of them is definitely going to make us smile, just like creating incredible work environments – you know the environments where you look forward to being there, and when you walk in you can actually feel the difference. I felt that when I worked with Business Chicks, and I still rave about them to this day.

Macarons are also that interesting combination of crunchy and soft (if done right) and not too sweet – that balancing act, getting all the elements just right, like the right tension between supporting and challenging your team members to bring out their best. 

And fittingly, there are three macarons, because one macaron is never enough. And our culture attunement model Culture Incorporated™(attunement because it goes beyond simple alignment) focuses on three key areas:

Underpinning all company culture transformation and successful change:


These three areas need to be in tune with each other for transformation to occur – and for it to last. 

So there you have it; the tale of three macaroons; the story you never knew you wanted to hear.


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